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Best Prices on Quartz Countertops in Memphis Area and Suburbs

For a more low-maintenance option for your Memphis home, quartz countertops are your best bet. Quartz countertops are the perfect choice for any busy kitchen because of its resilience and resistance to stains. Easy to clean and perfectly elegant, buy quartz countertops and see the difference.

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How do you clean a quartz countertop?

Quartz countertop cleaning is very easy but should be done frequently to prevent stains. Simply use a mild soap or detergent with a soft cloth. A glass or surface cleaner, such as Windex or Cinch, can be used for more significant or dried problem areas.

What types of quartz countertops are there?

There are three general grades of quartz countertops. First choice quartz has strong, rich colors with a minimum of veins. Commercial grade quartz is a good blend of quality and price and is typically more durable but not as rich as the top of the line quartz. Second choice quartz typically refers to entry level countertops but has natural discoloration caused by the slab being formed by pieces of quartz slabs that are placed together.

Can quartz countertops chip?

Quartz is one of the hardest materials on the planet and is extremely resistant to chips or cracks. Quartz is also non-porous so it resists staining much better than granite, marble, and concrete. However, occasional chips can still occur and do have to be patched.

Are quartz countertops resistant to heat?

Quartz countertops are resistant to heat to a degree, but if the temperature gets too high, the quartz can get damaged. Quartz can typically only resist temperatures as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you’re taking a pan out of the oven or a hot pot out from the stove, it’s important to use a trivet or hot pad instead of putting the pan directly on the countertop.

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