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Best Prices on Quartzite Countertops in Memphis Area and Suburbs

When you buy quartzite countertops, you’re set for life. Quartzite is naturally harder than granite, which makes it even more durable. Quartzite stone countertops are highly resistant to stains and scratches – perfect for the active Memphis kitchen.

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What’s the difference between quartz and quartzite countertops?

The biggest difference between the two types of countertops is that quartz is man-made and quartzite is a natural stone. Quartz countertops are engineered with the same crystals found in quartzite, but an artificial process binds the crystals with resin, pigments, and other materials such as bits of glass.

Do quartzite countertops need to be sealed?

While quartz is rock hard and extremely resistant to chips and scratches, it is highly porous and absorbs spills like tomato sauce and wine. So yes, it’s important for quartzite countertops to be sealed, annually at a minimum.

What are the most popular quartzite countertop colors?

The most popular quartzite countertop color is Arctic White, which can easily work with just about any cabinet color. Calcutta Classique is another popular because it achieves the look of marble with better durability. Carrara Grigio is often used with warm-toned kitchens or white cabinets. Fossil grey is also extremely popular, as it’s extremely beautiful but neutral in color.

What is the best edge for quartzite countertops?

Finding the best edge for your quartzite countertop really depends on the look you’re going for. For a traditional, sophisticated look, the classic ogee edge is absolutely perfect. For a more dramatic and contemporary look, the waterfall edge is a beautiful way to show the veining and natural pattern of your slab.

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