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Best Prices on Travertine Countertops in Memphis Area and Suburbs

We offer the best travertine kitchen countertops in the Memphis area for the best prices, bar none. For a unique, elegant, and timeless look, travertine for your kitchen countertops is an excellent choice. We have a wide selection of travertine to match every style and color of kitchen cabinets.

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Granite countertop in Red
Brand: MSI
$45 / sq. ft.
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Does travertine scratch easily?

Travertine is a relatively soft stone, and as such, it does tend to scratch easily. While beautiful, it should only be used in low traffic areas. It’s also best to avoid any hard objects on the surface of a travertine countertop. The more polished the surface is, the more easily a scratch will slow.

How do you care for travertine countertops?

To care for travertine countertops, make sure spills are cleaned up immediately using a soft cloth. You can use hot water without any cleaning agents, or use a stone cleaner to preserve the shine. You should also frequently use a sealer to protect the surface of your countertop.

Are travertine countertops durable?

Even though they may scratch more easily, travertine countertops are actually very durable and tend to outlast most other materials. With proper care, travertine can last for over 100 years! As long as you keep the surface dry and clean as much as possible, you will enjoy your travertine countertops seemingly forever.

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